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website design company serving Toronto, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and OshawaOur focus is to help companies like yours grow. If you’re looking to build or improve upon your web marketing strategy, then you have come to the right place. AMR Media can help you realize the potential of your web presence, offering services ranging from website design and website analytic to search marketing (SEM) and corporate blogging, paid search management and a host of SEO and SEM services.

With over 15 years in professional website design and online marketing we have helped many companies reach new customers. Our understanding of how to effectively promote your business through proven strategies and techniques is at the foundation of our services. Whether you’re new to the online world or are looking to expand in to new global markets (corporate blogging) and reach new prospects our expertise will help you get there.

Reach Beyond Your Website Design Creative

Years ago a website was simply a ‘shingle’ for your business. Simply being out there was enough, after all no one uses the inherent for research. Well those days are very far in the distance. Today’s highly competitive business world requires you not to only have a website but have a web presence that works to drive in business. Your prospects and customers are constantly looking for new and better ways to solve everyday problems. Understanding how your business fits in to that world is critical to how you design your web presence. Today integrating Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media websites is a critical piece to your online success.

Engage With Your Audience

Web Developers In Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, Markham and ScarboroughOur strength reaches beyond the traditionally web designer skill sets. Our business knowledge both in marketing and selling are equally important in our overall design strategies. We have travelled the world and sold products and services to a wide range of business sectors and influences. We have learned the art of creating a well thought out sales pitch and how to integrate that in to the web.

Through understanding your audience and building real world personas we build use cases to rigorously test your websites usability. After all its people that use your website not search engines. Making sure your core audience can find your products and services is at the top of our list.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our ability to build and design sound methodologies that drive online lead generation is a key ingredient to our advantage. We have the experience of not only developing and building the technical requirements of your website but also the sales and marketing strategies. With over 10 years experience in local and international sales and marketing experience our team understands your needs and how to implement them.

Corporate Social Media

Why should any company be on Facebook or Twitter? Good question, sounds like the same question we use to hear about the internet. Those who denied the need to be on the internet soon learned that they had to be. Likewise, being involved in social media is important for any business. The key is to know how you fit in to that world. We help bring proven strategies to your business so that you can do what it is you do best. Our team helps to integrate all the relevant social media properties in to your overall strategy. Working together you will soon learn how you can drive and retain interest in your products and services quickly and easily.


Optimization is now a must for every site. Having search engine optimized content that speaks to your target audience is a strength of AMR Media. Our sites look beyond just displaying your content. We go in depth in to how your customer base seeks you out and why. Knowing this and integrating it in to your SEO strategy is as important as the overall look and feel of your site.

Marketing your company online is also a very crucial ingredient to the success of your online marketing program. By building high value online content and engaging with highlights valued websites your organic ranking will increase. Ranking high is a top need for many companies but knowing how to do that for your target client is what sets AMR Media apart. We dig deep in to your prospects personas and develope a strategy to bring them to your door.

PPC, Goggle Ad Words, marketing is as well a key element to a successful online marketing strategy. Building this in the overall strategy and understanding how they interlink is why companies choose AMR Media. Our fully integrated philosophy is a reason our clients achieve and exceed their goals.

Our Customers

AMR Media has helped customers throughout Southern Ontario. Providing marketing strategies for businesses looking for website design whether in Markham Ontario, Toronto Ontario or Durham Region. Our customers have come to trust our knowledge of how to make their business grow online. If you’re searching for a website design firm in Ajax, or Pickering Ontario look no further. AMR Media understands the needs of small and mid-sized businesses in these markets as well Oshawa, Whitby and Ajax.