30 Sep

4 Tips for Small Business Success


Know what you’re good at and do it better then anyone else.  Don’t get lured in to being a ‘jack of all trades’ because if you do you will soon become ‘master of none’.  Small businesses can only do so much.  Keep your focus and target those who will buy from you

Be Unique

If everyone else is doing think twice about doing it.  If you do you become a ‘me too’ company and fall in a pile of others.  Stand out from the crowd and make a difference and be noticed.

Build a Team

Don’t hire an employee to fill a position. Employ a person to be part of a team to build your business.

Respond Fast

Be first to get to back to them.  Be first to call them.  Be first as often as you can.  Time is the most precious commodity. When delivery is expected Friday, show up Thursday afternoon. Return calls and emails now.

About the Author

David is a digital marketing expert with over 15 years experience in B2B and B2C marketing. David has developed a proven approach to building strong digital foundations for multi-national companies. He is well versed in website development, social media strategies, content marketing, and search engine optimization.

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