5 sales pitch strategies that fail
23 Aug

5 sales pitch strategies that fail

Are you struggling with your sales pitch and losing real opportunities?  Many sales people are in the same situation.  They keep trying the same thing over and over and never seem to make progress.  Remember what Einstein said about repeating the same thing over and expecting a different outcome, it’s called insanity.

How to make a sales pitch work for your business

Knowing where you’re making mistakes is the first part of knowing how to fix it.  These 5 common sales pitch mistakes will hold you back from your true potential.  Remove them from your tool kit and build one that works for you and that you made.

5 things you shouldn’t do in your sales pitch

  1.  Ask for an orderNever ask for an order when you’re giving a sales pitch.  Remember this is like dating and you wouldn’t ask for a kiss right when you meet someone. Ok if you do chances are you won’t go far or as far as you’d like.  Take your time listen then use a sales pitch that resonates with the prospect.  The pitch is meant to lead you to the next stage in the sales cycle not close it.
  2. Lead with itWhen you meet someone for the first time don’t start off with your sales pitch.  This isn’t a race to the end.  Talk and listen to your prospect.  Quickly evaluate if this person could use your services.  If so work in to the conversation your sales pitch.
  3. Be genericHave you searched the internet for sales pitch templates?  If you have and haven’t had any success there is a simple reason why.  Templates are generic and completely miss you and your business.  The sales pitch is designed to showcase you not make a general statement.  So, when building a sales pitch throughout the templates and don’t use everyone else’s samples.  Take the time to make your own aligned with your business.
  4.  Lack passionWhen you delivery your pitch do you say it with passion?  Do you sound confident about yourself and your business?  Remember that most communication is unsaid and is picked up in your body language and tone.  People quickly pick this up and will quickly tune you out if you sound dull and boring.
  5. No follow upWhen you’re networking and you meet someone you think might be a prospect don’t leave it up to them to figure out the next steps.  Just like dating have a follow up plan.  If you give

These simple mistakes are made all the time when delivering a sales pitch.  The internet is full of examples and templates on what has worked for others.  What you need to be successful is a sales pitch that works for you!

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