03 May

Best Sales Pitch: How to create a winning script

Building your sales pitch is almost as important to your business as the service you provide.  Being able to create a winning presentation in a sales meeting or networking event is a critical step in building trust and understanding.  Your prospect will listen and watch you as you’re providing your unique selling proposition.

How do you create a winning sales script?

Sales Pitch Book

The keys to success in creating a winning sales pitch are what we will be covering in our next book.  We will cover step by step simple yet effective ways to create an elevator pitch that will draw in your best prospects.  You will learn to win during the selling cycle and attract new customers that will not only buy what you are selling but become repeat customers and advocates for you.

Sales Pitch Presentation

How you present yourself during the sales pitch is almost as important as the wording itself.  You must look the part of who you are selling and if you look out of place, wither better or worse, you will send visual clues to your prospect.  These clues aren’t the ones you want.  They will pick up on the disconnect between how you present yourself and what you are saying. 

Sales Pitch Templates

Not every example is transferrable to every business.  Having an “elevator sales pitch” example is only a reference to what you must create yourself.  This process isn’t difficult but does require you to work through some standard steps to develop your own template.

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