Can Apples new patent change purlin roll forming machine sales?
17 May

Can Apples new patent change purlin roll forming machine sales?

Now this is a new one.  When you think of high-tech companies and leading brands i’m certain one of those companies will be Apple Inc.  Apple has long been a trailblazer in brand development and now sits at the top of one of the most recognized brands in the world.

Apple patents steel purlin in New York store

This is taking the branding war to a whole new level.  Apple has applied for a patent of its New York store which includes the structural members, or purlins.  By patenting such a specific building material Apple may start a new war in the manufacturing of steel purlins.

How a steel purlin machine may change the future of brand strategy

With this new direction Apple has perked the ears of many purlin roll forming machine manufacturers.  For years now the standard CEE and ZEE purlin have been commoditize which in turn does the same for the equipment manufacturer.  Now with this new technique of brand building Apple just may breath some new light in to this aging machienry business.

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