Goring Kerr metal detector website for new and used systems and manuals
02 Jul

Goring Kerr metal detector website for new and used systems and manuals

There is a new Goring Kerr website that offers the purchase of new metal detectors as well the sale of them.  You will also find all of the Goring Kerr metal detectors such as the DSP 3, DSP 2 DSP 2S, DSP 1, Tek21 and Tektamet manuals for purchase.

Goring Kerr is one of the oldest industrial metal detector manufacturers in the world.  Founded back in the 1930’s Bruce Kerr set out to engineer and build the worlds best metal detector.

Goring Kerr Metal Detectors

Today’ many companies rely on Goring Kerr metal detectors to keep their food safe to eat, machinery safe and products ready for market.  The website design allows users easy access to many Goring Kerr products.  With a global reach parts and service for the metal detectors is just one click away.

If you’re looking to buy a Goring Kerr metal detector or sell a system check this web site out.  Also, if you have recently purchased a Goring Kerr system you can now buy the manuals online.

To see more visit Goring Kerr (http://www.goring-kerr.com)

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