08 Jun

How marketing has helped a small business grow: The new Ajax Downs


Ajax Downs, formerly Picovs Downs, has grown from a small local business to a regional must see racing track.  The recent advertising campaigns and new focus on marketing has brought new awareness to the business.  

How to build a strong marketing plan?


Sales Pitch Book

It’s obvious that Ajax Downs has spent the time to build it’s marketing plan.  It’s also obvious that they have begun to execute on it.  Having a well thought out strategy well help to target the right audience in the right format.  As part of this new strategy for Ajax Downs they have also completely redone their website in an effort to attract new visitors.

Sales and Marketing Working Together

The principle purpose of a marketing plan is to increase the bottom line.  A key component to this is driving new leads to your sales staff so that they can close the deal.  So how do you do that in a highly competitive consumer market, such as gambling?
Well again, Ajax Downs has shown that it can be done and done well.  Building the right marketing team, executing and delivering the right message always results in an increase in sales.

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