How to develop a sales pitch for door frame forming salesmen
22 May

How to develop a sales pitch for door frame forming salesmen

The day of travelling door to door to sell you goods is all but gone.  Now we are faced with salesmen calling us on the phone, in malls or through email marketing.

Has this changed how a sales pitch is delivered?

Take the B2B marketplace.  Selling capital equipment hasn’t changed much over the years and in fact may be the last longstanding sales technique.  What’s unique with this type of selling is that it is mostly based on the relationship.  I know many sales men will be happy to hear that and many capital equipment companies not.  The fact is the sales cycle includes a strong component of relationship building.

Let’s take the example of a capital equipment manufacturer that manufacturers door frame forming equipment.  This type of machine is large, expensive and critical to the success of the buyers business.   The buying cycle is often months to years and takes many meetings to build trust in the rollformer manufacturer.  As with many OEM’s (official equipment manufacturer) there are usually 3 to 4 at the top end and a bunch lower end manufacturers.  This grouping almost always flattens the field such that each group, top end and bottom end, are seen as all equal.  If they are equal how do you decide which one to purchase?

Capital equipment door frame forming salesmen

Sales Pitch Book

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This is where the relationship comes in.  The salesman builds the trust with the buyer and moves the sale along.  By reinforcing the commitment of not only the equipment manufacture but also the relationship the salesman can win the order.  The opening sales pitch that was used often sets the tone for this.  If you’re looking for a book to develop your own sales pitch examples check out our blog.

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