How to get the most from a social media template even if it’s free!
02 Oct

How to get the most from a social media template even if it’s free!

Planning your social media strategy seems to be the hottest topic out there in the marketing world.  Using a social media template can help build framework that gives you at the very least a reference point on where you started.  The key is often keeping that documentation up to date with current social media practices and either adjusting the template or adjusting course to put you back in the right place.

Risks of following a social media template blindly

So you’re looking for some help and below there is a link to a social media template but now I”m saying wait don’t us it.  Why?  As with any template it’s ok to use them and jump start the process.  But when it comes to your business and how best you should run it don’t let others control you through a template.  Use the free template to help start your business on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.  But make sure you modify it to suit your business goals.

Using a template for B2B social media communications

For many B2B companies social media is a big black hole.  The leading question I hear from companies considering social networks is “Are prospects or clients using social media for business or are they using it purely for personal reasons”.  Well the answer isn’t that simple.  Many marketers will say that yes you should use social media as part of your marketing strategy.  I tend to agree however, I caution using a one size fits all approach.  This is where using a social media template for B2B marketing is a little tricky.  many small businesses don’t have the staff to support social media.  These companies are at high risk for using a template that could actually damage them,

Learn to find your social media audience

Social media offers some great opportunities to find new prospects as well connect with your clients in a more meaningful way.  The challenge is often knowing where to start and what social channels to focus on.  For most business owners Facebook and Twitter seem to be the first place they look.  Facebook is somewhat obvious as many of us have our own personal Facebook page.  This familiarity is often why we start there.  Twitter on the other hand is more of jump on now because everyone else is.  So how do you know if these are the best or only social channels you should be on?

As with any other journey you first have to make some assumptions.  When building a B2B social media strategy a good place to start is your clients.  Look at your top 10 clients and see where they are online.  Next take a look at your suppliers and find 10 that most align with your target market.  Often your vendors are supplying both you and either your customers directly or one of there suppliers.  Remember this is a social exercise so finding where like people socialize.

This is just the start to building a strong social media strategy and leveraging a social media template.  Templates are starting points and never the end solution in themselves.  Use this template to build your social framework and adjust it to fit your business.

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