23 Aug

How to increase local website traffic in Oshawa

If you’re a local business in Oshawa or the Durham Region and you want to increase your web traffic read on.

How to improve your website SEO 

Long ago it seems all you had to do was have a website and people would call you up.  Now with the recent Panda changes to the Google search engine SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a little trickier.

How has the Panda update affected my SEO?

Well Google is in the process of weeding out poor quality sites and trying to improve the organic ranking of quality sites.  In a nutshell poor quality sites are general those sites that are simply pumping lots of text to optimize a link and pass that through to another website.
Many companies have bought in to link building programs that use link farms for SEO.  This was once an easy way to farm your link juice and improve your sites organic ranking. With the Panda update that all changes.

Oshawa Website Design Builds SEO

AMR Media has been in business for almost a decade.  It’s principles have 20 years’ experience in developing effective web strategies.  They are well versed in the best practices for developing winning SEO strategies. 
If you’re website traffic has slowed down or completely stopped you may have fallen to the Panda Update.  Give us a call and we can help you not only build a strong dynamic search engine strategy we can help you build a website design that works.
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