Is selling used roll forming machine equipment profitable?
19 Apr

Is selling used roll forming machine equipment profitable?

Roll forming machines are not simple pieces of equipment.  They like most industrial machines require constant maintenance and operation.   Businesses that end up closing generally don’t maintain their equipment.   This creates a used rollformer machine market with less than quality equipment.

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Have you noticed that when the economy slumps companies try to diversify their product portfolio?  Machine manufacturing is not an easy job.  To stay competitive roll forming machine manufacturers have spent years learning how to perfect the process of forming steel.  This experience and innovation does come at a price and so it should.   Now take companies that are facing hard times as a result of low sales.  One the most common attempts at increasing sales is to introduce a new product.  The logi is simple.  We sell to this group anyway so why not offer something new.  Well it’s simple why you shouldn’t during a slow sales cycle.

Reasons not to increase your sales offerings during a slow sales period.

  1. The marketplace doesn’t see you as an expert
  2. Your engineering department needs time and investment to learn
  3. Your sales team takes focus of your core customer base
  4. You water down your complete organization for a ‘quick hit’

To learn more about the industrial machinery industry check out this website.

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