New vehicle transportation website for people who want to ship a car
03 Apr

New vehicle transportation website for people who want to ship a car

Newly launched website,, aims to become a valuable information platform for individuals and businesses who want to ship their cars cross-country or across the border.

The user-friendly site is set to introduce potential new clients to Livingston’s extensive array of vehicle transportation services as well as act as an information hub for those who may require advice on certain issues related to vehicle shipping.

The key feature of is its dedicated resource centre. This gives users the opportunity to access advice and tips pertaining to car shipping. Some of the useful resources currently available on the site include: a guide about how to choose the right service provider, advice about insurance coverage and a pre-move checklist.

New website dedicated to shipping cars

The website also offers an excellent insight into Livingston’s range of services, from short-haul moves to long distance moves and business moves. These lines of business each have their own designated page which outlines exactly what kind of service a client can expect from Livingston, from the moment he or she puts in a request to get their car moved right up until the point the car arrives at its destination.

In addition, has an ‘About Us’ section, a ‘What We Do’ section and finally, ‘Our Promise’, which lays out the company’s core values and describes in detail the type of service we offer to clients.

No longer is there a need to trawl through endless blogs and websites, will provide you with all the information you require on one website. It is the new one-stop-shop for anyone considering shipping their car cross-country or across the border.

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About Livingston International

Livingston has offered vehicle transportation services to Canadians since 1982. Whether moving one or multiple vehicles, Livingston is able to give customers the expertise, dedication and level of service needed to ensure safe and timely delivery. This is the reason why automotive manufacturers, major corporations – and even the military – trust Livingston to move their vehicles.

The company’s vehicle transportation experts operate out of regional offices and seven secure compounds close to major centers and rail yards countrywide. Livingston operates their own trucks and car haulers for regional moves and it partners with CN Rail, operators of the largest and most efficient rail network in Canada and the only transcontinental network in North America, to move vehicles long-distance across the country. CN Rail has been moving goods across Canada since 1918 and serves all the major Canadian markets.

Livingston is Smartway Certified, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. For more information about the company’s vehicle transportation services visit


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