27 Jul

Marketing Tips For Small Business: 7 tips your company needs to survive in today’s economy

Change is the one thing we seem to be able to count on.  For decades business as always seen change and adapted to it. 

Today’s world has a few new wrinkles that make the changes that are happening now more important then ever before.  We have heard about the ‘global economy’ for many years but only now see it working at the micro level.  Today’s consumers and businesses can easily  access information about goods they are wanting to purchase.  It has become common to search online for things we need to buy locally or from the other side of the planet. 

Tips for small business marketing 

Tip 1 – Market to sell

Market your business to sell product now.  Although your brand is very important don’t try to build brand equity at the cost of your business.  Remember purchases are what pay the bills not fancy brochures.  Your marketing budget should be in proportion to your overall sales, not your dreams.

Tip 2 – Offer a range of products

There are many different buyers out there that have different needs beyond what your product or service does.  Having a lower cost or cheaper product allows for a greater range of prospects.  Without compromising your business structure your product offering in a way that addresses the different levels of buyers.

Tip 3 Offer “top of the line” premium product

This is part of the product range many small businesses fear.  There own self-doubt limits them from gaining access to the highest profit customers – those with money.  Your work effort is typically marginally greater when working on a premium product or service so why not capitalize on it.  Find those who have the money for your service and up sell them.

Tip 4 – Traditional Marketing vs Unusual Marketing

Your marketing mix is critical to the success of your business.  Try to find unique ways of advertising your business by thinking outside the box.  Place your business in front of your best target prospect in ways that they will see you.  Standing out, within reason, is the best way to get them to see you.

Tip 5 – Reduce reuse and trim the fat

When advertising your company keep it simple.  I often see a sign at the side of the road spelling out EVERYTHING a company offers.  I’m driving by and barely have enough time to even see the sign let alone ready a laundry list.  With simply wording you can catch the eye of the reader and quickly direct them to action.  By telling them everything you are actually causing them to ignore you, either they are bored reading or can’t read it fast enough.

Tip 6 – Join forces and marketing together

By knowing who your target buyer is you can now leverage your business with other business the same buyer purchases from.  If you sell flowers and you know your buyers often purchase a bottle of wine when they buy flowers why not market and sell your product with a wine store?  This joint effort both reduces your overhead and increases your reach.  Joint marketing and joint selling is a win win situation

Tip 7 – Remember who has bought from you and sell to them again

Repeat business is well known as the easiest sell.  Your customers already know who you are and trust you.  Keeping them in the loop is often an easy way to sell more with minimal costs.

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