18 Sep

Mobile marketing and SEO

What’s better then testing out mobile marketing than with a new iPad 2?

This is my first post on a mobile device. After some hoops and hurdles in getting my iPad I’m now ready to give it a go.

Mobile Marketing and why it’s so important

As an online marketing expert I’m always watching what searches are doing on my web properties. A growing trend is the use of mobile devices to search for information and local interests. As i watched the numbers grow on my websites I thought it was about time for me to get in the game.

Now equipped with a new iPad 2 I find myself searching a lot more then I ever did before. I can now sort more clearly the information that interests me. So how does this impact SEO and my marketing efforts?

SEO for mobile devices

When creating content and dialing in on the keywords I’m beginning to think it is almost as important to focus on the reading medium. I thought smart phones would have launched a greater need for this type of content but as a user found it hard to read. Now with a range of tablets the content has becoming more accessible and readable.

In a way I’m glad for this shift as presentation of content is important both from a visual perspective as from a creative view.

Well I think it’s time for me to end this post and move on to another app on my iPad. Let me know what you think is the most important marketing need for the mobile market.

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