PPC Management
01 May

PPC Management

Paid search is widely recognized as one of the most cost effective advertising options available.  There is no other medium available where your business can reach literally millions of targeted people within minutes and have extensive tracking and conversion metrics as well.

But it’s getting crowded.

Advertisers are becoming more sophisticated and the stakes are getting much higher.  Small tweaks can spell the difference between highly profitable versus drastically wasteful campaigns, in fact, it is very common for one ad to have paid ten times more than the ad right next to it.  With a dizzying array of bidding tools and options, it pays to either enlist our professional campaign management or have us train your in-house staff to do it right.
AMR Media proudly holds the Google Adwords Qualified Company certification as well as that of Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador and Microsoft adExcellence Member.

We offer the following paid search/online advertising services:

Pay Per Click (A.K.A. cost-per-click, PPC, CPC, or AdWords) – The beauty is in the simplicity—you only pay for advertising that actually brings visitors to your site.  Our years of experience means we can tailor your campaigns to target exactly the visitors you seek and stop paying for unqualified traffic and non-performing campaigns.

Pay Per Action (PPA) – Taking PPC to the next level.  Why pay for ad impressions or clicks when what you really care about is sales.  This “they don’t get paid unless you get paid” option is quickly gaining popularity as it weeds out the unprofitable traffic and focuses everyone on a singular goal–getting paying customers to your site.  However, while the idea is simple the proper configuration is far from trivial.  AMR Media can help you implement this configuration properly and profitably.
Branding & Exposure (Cost per Impression/CPM) – Paid Search such as Google Adwords can get your marketing message in front of millions of people nearly instantaneously.  We can help you maximize your message, while optimizing ROI.  From text ads to complex Flash based ads, our marketers understand that a successful ad combines the creative and commerce aspects.

Social Bookmarking/Social Media – For highly targeted demographics, you can’t beat social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace.  Our client services range from standard pay-per-click placements to custom Facebook applications.

Radio & Print/Newspaper Advertising- As a Google Adwords Qualified company, we can also help you take advantage of the discounted rates on traditional forms of advertising, such as print and radio.  Our offline campaigns include conversion tracking built in, so you can track the performance of all of your marketing.  As one of the fastest growing Google services, this is an attractive option for both experienced offline advertisers and those expanding into this realm.

Keyword Research- We developed our industry leading keyword research program because we couldn’t find a suitable system anywhere else on the web.  Keyword research is the foundation of search marketing, and yet often grossly overlooked

Tracking & Reporting – The true revolution in online advertising and search marketing is the extent and ease of tracking and reporting.  We can help you understand where every penny goes and how well each campaign, keyword & ad is performing and who your best customers are.  As Google Analytics Authorized consultants, our analytics services are the hallmark of our company.


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David is a digital marketing expert with over 15 years experience in B2B and B2C marketing. David has developed a proven approach to building strong digital foundations for multi-national companies. He is well versed in website development, social media strategies, content marketing, and search engine optimization.

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