Roll Forming Corporation releases new roll forming machine website
20 Apr

Roll Forming Corporation releases new roll forming machine website

Roll forming machine manufacturer “Roll Forming Corporation” recently updated their website to a completely new design.  The design firm for this site used care to illustrate a number of key elements.  At first glance they seemed to have gotten it right.

Website Design Considerations

When designing a machinery website such as those found in the roll forming machine industry it often begins with an internal view.  The design firm typically follows the lead of the machine manufacturer and rarely veers from it.  This is one of the most critical mistakes any company can make.  A website for almost 100% of the B2B community serves one purpose, lead generation.   Everything else is simply secondary.

Equipment Specification vs. Good Design

Their is no reason to plaster your rollforming equipment website with product heavy specifications if users can’t find them.  Usability acceptance testing or UX testing is a critical component to any new website.  This is where the design firm and the machine company takes a step back.  They step back in order to look at things from both the customers view and that of the search engines.

Roll Forming Corp. New Website

Here is where I think things went wrong.  The home page although it looks nice and seems to delivery a strong brand message it misses a very big mark.  Not everyone on the internet sees your website the same.  Google Labs has a great tool called Google Browser Size Tool.  This simple yet very effective tool helps you to see what others see in your rollforming machine website.  When you look at the home page of the Roll Forming Corporation new website you see something missing.  All of the critical calls to action are only being viewed by 10% of the potential web traffic.  That means that 90% won’t see the right thing.  Here is an image of what most will see.

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