Roll Former Machine Manufacturers bring new innovation to the Rollforming Industry
18 Apr

Roll Former Machine Manufacturers bring new innovation to the Rollforming Industry

Manufacturing machines for steel forming requires specific and special skills.  Forming equipment comes in many types including plate rolling machines, cold forming, rollformers and vacuum forming.  Each of these roll form in different ways.  Some draw the steel coil roll in slowly and under its own power.  Others use powered uncoliers to help drive the steel sheet in to the roll mill.

Selling rollforming machines

Selling capital equipment is a tough job, especially in today’s economy.  Many companies will first try to make do with what they have.  The rollforming industry has suffered some setbacks over the past few years because of this.  The cost and time to recover this investment for the purchase of a roll forming machine has held buyers back.  On the flipside some entrepreneurial companies see this period of instability as an opportunity.  Typically when breaching a new market metal parts manufacturers will purchase used roll forming machines to test the waters.  The forming equipment they purchase is often from companies that have either gone under or are on the edge too.   When companies want to begin the process of forming metal in to things like steel pipe they must first find the right pipe machine.  The equipment dictates the end profile and part quality.  Used rollformers come with great risk and potentially greater cost than new roll formers.  Machine companies understand this and often work with new companies to help guide them in to the purchase of new equipment vs. used equipment.

How to promote roll former machines globally

Competition in the steel forming machine manufacturing industry is a global one.  Companies from Canada, USA, Finland, India, China and Korea all offer what seems to be the same type of forming equipment.
The difficulty when purchasing a rollformer is to identify what features are important and what ones aren’t.  This process is very time consuming and can be very difficult to complete.  Unlike portable rollformers production machinery requires a completely different set of specifications.  Forming machines typically run 24/7 and must not break down.  Roll former service and parts availability are all critical items to the purchase of a new roll forming machine.
When buying any industrial machine always remember to include the long term costs especially when forming steel.

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