12 Feb

Small Business Marketing Tips: 7 Top Tips To Help Grow Your Business

1. Should you advertise like a BIG business?

Personally I think you should advertise like the company you want to become.  Don’t sell yourself short by advertising like a small ‘one man band’ operation.  If you plan to grow in the next 2-3 years then advertise like that.  Before you know it the years will pass and you will be looking back.  Make sure you plant the seeds of growth.

2. Is Cheaper better?

Should you offer a cheap version of your product or service?  Most likely not.  I can’t think of any product or service that is bought purely on how cheap it is. People, and that includes businesses, purchase based on some sense of value and fear.  When they, like you, buy they make the choice on a perception of value.  Offer them amazing value at a great price, not cheap.

3. Where are my margins?

Most products and service have a premium offering that holds the largest margins.  Make sure this is offered to your prospects regardless of how you feel they want to go.  When presented correctly people will again evaluate the offer and it’s perceived value against there needs and expectations.  Give them the option to get more so you can earn more.

4. Be creative

Try something new and out of the box. Often small businesses have the best opportunity for doing this.  They can utilize local resources such as newspapers or trade organizations to get the word out.  Be a sponsor to an event that will attract a large crowd.  Remember business leaders and owners have families too and when they go out they will recognize the sponsor businesses.  Become involved in your local community and will be surprised who will knock on your door.

5. LARGE Ad’s

How large does your ad have to be?  Well not as large as you may think.  Well craft visual ad’s that are small can and often do attract more readers than there larger counter-parts.  Reducing you ad size will not only reduce your advertisment costs it will increase your ability to advertise.  Use the saved money for more ad’s and increase your exposure.

6. Join With Other Business

Like you there are many other small to mid-sized businesses that suffer the same marketing issues.  By joining together or forming an alliance you can each benefit.  You can easily increase your prospect base and word of mouth.  Don’t be afraid to ask other business leaders to join in your growth.

7. Ask Your Customers For Help

Your customers are often your best salesmen.  They know you and trust you and will speak highly of you.  Ask them for referrals and references.  Having them on your team will increase your sales faster then you think.
Also, convert your customers into publicity agents for your business. Develop an incentive for them to tell associates and friends about the value of your products or services. An endorsement from them is more effective than any amount of advertising – and it is much cheaper.
Each of these 7 marketing tips provides a simple, low-cost way for any small business to find customers and generate sales quickly.

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David is a digital marketing expert with over 15 years experience in B2B and B2C marketing. David has developed a proven approach to building strong digital foundations for multi-national companies. He is well versed in website development, social media strategies, content marketing, and search engine optimization.

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