17 Jun

Social Marketing for the small business professional

Social Media For Small Business

Today’s small business marketer has many options to get the word out.  The problem often lays in which one to pick.  There was a time that having a website was all that was needed to show your wares on the ‘information highway’ – now that’s a throwback term – now you have to know SEO, SEM and Social Media.

What is Social Media?

Social Media are channels that allow you to share your information with others who then share it with even more people.  The concept is quite simple and very powerful.  Word of mouth promotion in sales and marketing has always been seen as a golden egg.  If you can lay the seed and watch it grow your business will most definitely benefit from it.  So how does this merge with today’s marketing needs for small business?

What are the benefits of Facebook for small business?

When you talk about small business you always end with, small budget.  Facebook allows a person to share information quickly, instantly with a group of people that want to hear about them.  Luckily Facebook allows businesses to setup company pages (and product/service pages) to share information about your business.  This is a great way for a small business to share its information with a wide audience of people who are interested in what it is they have to say.  

What are the Social Media Pitfalls?

Like another means of promotion it does take some work and planning.  Building a strategy that fits your business goals and structure is critical.  Don’t get too worried about what other companies are doing, other than your competitors.  Align yourself with a good online marketing company who can guide you through the process.   The biggest mistake you can make with any social media campaign is to stop once you have started.  
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