30 Jul

Spin Selling, How to gain more orders without selling.

How can you get more customers to buy from you without selling?  

Well simply you can’t.  You will always have a salesman’s hat on it’s more how obvious and offensive the hat looks.  Neil Rackham wrote an interesting book for selling large ticket products or services and demonstrates through research the differences from small sales.  

The book Spin Selling chunks the process in to an acronym “Situation Question”, “Problem Questions”, “Implication Questions” and “need-payoff Questions”.  My take on the book is that through the process of questioning you can dig deeper to find out what the real pain point(s) are for your prospect.  Once you know what your customer is wanting you then ‘sell’ a solution to solve that pain.  Overall the book covers very well the key pain indicators and the differences of small sales and large sales.  An area where I think the book should have explored more is the more difficult measurable of emotion and behavior. 

These softer issues are often very difficult to recognize during a sales call or even while building a relationship with a prospect.  Successful sales people have a good sense about people and often do well as a result of this.  The question(s) that I think need to be asked are how to you improve your sales team or selling skills when you can’t see these important characteristics.  Should we even group or categorize people in order to sell more effectively.  

The sales process in large capital equipment must combine a number of key elements.  Understanding your customer’s true needs through questioning, knowing your customers emotional behavioral profile, understanding your prospects life views, and knowing your own personality characteristics all play an important role in making the sale.


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