Strategic Checklist for Successful Email Marketing
25 Jul

Strategic Checklist for Successful Email Marketing

The key to any successful strategy is to continue to develop, review and refine to form a comprehensive strategy. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is critical in moving forward. Often marketers fail to see their own pitfalls for fear of being embarrassed or worse reprimanded. An open approach will allow you to see not only what didn’t work but more importantly what did. It’s the ‘did’s’ that you build on to improve your strategy.

Where to start when developing a framework for success?

For small companies an often overlooked area that has a huge impact is brand equity. Your company has a brand regardless of how small or large it is. Your customers, prospects and competitors know you and have developed their impression of you company. This is part of your brand and is better kept under your control then someone else’s.

Email Marketing Strategy Checklist.

Email Branding

Message Design
Do you message reflect accurately your brand? When design your email and especially when you use a template it’s very important to make sure the look and feel is inline with your brand image.
Does the content within your email follow your brand image? Does it compliment and strengthen your brand or does it confuse viewers?
Landing Pages
Landing pages are one of the best places to ‘brand’ your company. Make sure your landing page, destination pages And responders all follow a comprehensive brand image.
Your opt-in pages and processes must follow your brand strategy. Remember that first impressions count and opt-in pages are set the tone. Make sure this page strengthens your brand equity.
Welcome Messages
Do your messages deliver the same message your brand does? When welcoming a new prospect this page sets the tone for how they see your company. Make sure it fits your overall brand strategy.


Are you tracking and using every piece of information you have on your contacts? Don’t stop with the first name or company name. Look to more common facts shared throughout your database. Focus and deliver your message to like groups and speak in a way that addresses their needs.
Click Through Activity
What happens after you send out the email? Are you tracking analytically data on your website and closing the loop with your email campaigns? This is a great opportunity to can insight and measure the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.
Purchasing Activity/Conversion
Can you segment your lists to show conversion history and purchasing? Integration of conversion data with your segmentation processes will give you a clearer understanding of these groups.
Variable Content
IS your content the same for all segments? If so you are missing a great opportunity to focus and target your message. Define your segments clearly and use these boundaries to develop your email content.
Click Stream
What happens after they click? Look beyond the initial click to track what happens next. Knowing where users go after the initial click can give you valuable insight to each segments behavior.
What are your conversions? Do you simply count purchases or do you have other measurable for conversions? Have a few different conversions to measure; remember your users and segment groups behave differently.
Basic Analytics
Do you measure the basic information on your website? Tracking and watching simple items on your website will open the door in to patterns both as a whole and for each target group.
Building an effective email marketing strategy requires regular review and refinement. Begin with defining some common and measurable characteristics within your industry. As you refine your strategy you will add new items and define more clearly others. This process and the analysis of data collected will begin to show patterns and behaviors that in turn will help to drive your marketing strategies and business goals.

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