12 Feb

Small Business Marketing Tips: 7 Top Tips To Help Grow Your Business

1. Should you advertise like a BIG business? Personally I think you should advertise like the company you want to become.  Don’t sell yourself short by advertising like a small ‘one man band’ operation.  If you plan to grow in the next 2-3 years then advertise like that.  Before you know it the years will […]

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02 Oct

6 Tips for Small Business Success

  Thank You  Always, always thank them.  Thank them for meeting you, talking with you and especially for giving you an order.  They do have a choice and make sure they know they made the right one. Do it the old fashioned way: take pen to paper and write them a note. Walk The Walk  […]

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30 Sep

4 Tips for Small Business Success

Target Know what you’re good at and do it better then anyone else.  Don’t get lured in to being a ‘jack of all trades’ because if you do you will soon become ‘master of none’.  Small businesses can only do so much.  Keep your focus and target those who will buy from you Be Unique […]

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26 Sep

4 Small Business Marketing Tips

  Try Unusual Marketing Tricks The saying what’s old is new again works well in marketing.  Often companies follow trends in marketing and by doing so become a ‘me too’ company.  Look back at some old methods to draw customers in.  Try using a postcard that recycles one of your current ad’s.  Push them to your website and follow […]

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24 Sep

3 Small Business Marketing Tips

 Advertise To Sell Don’t get caught up trying to be like the big guys.  Your business can’t afford to advertise like your larger competitor.  Create ad’s that sell, TODAY!  You can learn from them even ‘borrow’ ideas from them but don’t think you can play in there field.  A simple tip is to always include […]

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