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Toronto Website Design Company: Cost Effective Website Design Solutions in Toronto

How can a Toronto website design company help you have a website that looks professional and within your budget?

Many people have asked me that very question. They know there is real value in have a website designed by a professional developer but also know the costs associated with that.  For many Toronto (also known as the GTA) companies finding a website design company that understand their needs seems to be an impossible task.  The Toronto area is broken down in to smaller regional locations that all tend have a design flare all themselves.  Website design companies in the west end of the city (such as Mississauga, Milton or Brampton) have been exposed to delivering web content for a specific type of client base.  Often the west end of Toronto is seen as a ‘white collar’ marketplace. On the other hand the east end of Toronto including area’s such as Scarborough, Markham, North York have long been seen as a more industrial business environment.  Website design companies in these area’s (east of Toronto) tended to offer services for website development on an industrial level.
The key to having a successful online presence is by building a strong foundation.  As a website developer that have developed website around the world and based in Toronto we understand the challenges small and mid-sized businesses face when going online. 

Toronto Website Design Check List

Page Layout

Does the design represent your company well?  Answer this question (which isn’t so simple when you think about it) and you will solve the dilemma of layout.

Browser Compatibility

Most people are still using Microsoft Explorer as there main web browsing client.  However, this may not be the case for your business.  Many people are moving over to new clients such as Google Chrome, Firefox and others.  Although all these web browsing clients meet the same basic standards they don’t all interrupt websites the same. Check and double check your design.


Here is an often overlooked item to your overall design strategy.  I tend to have at least 2 ways for users to access the same page from any page.  I also feel very strongly that 2 pages should be named the same as every other page.  These are the About Us and Contact Us pages.  For most if not all business having a simple and highly recognisable way to access this basic and very valuable information can be critical to there online success.  Again, creativity is a great thing to have in your web design but not at a sacrifice to your business goals.

Color and Graphics

Your brand color is one of the most important elements to your website.  The internet is very visual and people react to color.  Let your website developer know your brand strategy or if you haven’t developed one yet work with them to build a strong one.


Having a very dynamic web site design is important for many audiences.  Make sure you’re speaking to yours and not your developers.

Content Presentation

Why can’t I find what I’m looking for?  Your website should be easy to read and understand.  Having a busy design will only cause confusion with your audience.  Often developers that are focused on Search Engine Optimization build a website that is designed solely for keywords.  Although this may sound reasonable from a ranking view point remember one very valuable piece of advice.

Search Engines don’t buy anything!


This is a very subjective area of website design.  I have some simple rules when evaluating a design for its functionality.  KISS, yes keep it simple stupid.  Why this rule?  Trying to be too creative with your design may alienate prospects.  Make sure your website design firm is designing for you.  Too often developers what to show there own work first before showing yours.  So make sure it works for you.


Making sure your website is accessible to a wide audience is not as complicated as you may think.  A good website developer will design your website to be accessible by the target audience and more.  Some simple code changes in the design will allow you to reach many people and devices accessing the Internet.

Website Design Services For Companies in the Toronto Area

  • Basic Web Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Custom Web Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • SEO Copywriting
  • SEO Tracking
  • Logo Designs
  • Content Management
  • Free Consultation
When looking for website design companies in Toronto or surrounding area ask your self one question.

Does this website design company understand our needs? 

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