Web Analytics: The Hub of the Wheel
27 May

Web Analytics: The Hub of the Wheel

Gone are the days of the IT department measuring server “hits”.

A modern and robust website analytics package is perhaps the most important tool of anyone who depends on their website–marketer, the site designer, the sales manger, and the CEO. It is the hub of all of your site marketing—offline and on.
Decision makers depend on intuitive analytics packages to provide actionable insights and the answers to crucial questions such as:
  • Why do people visit my site and what do they do while they’re there?
  • Where and why are visitors abandoning specific pages? My shopping cart?
  • What sites send me my best customers? My most valuable customers?
  • Which market segment does any specific marketing message resonate with?
  • How successful was my last banner ad campaign? TV/newspaper/radio ad? What was my ROI?
  • What keywords should I bed on? How much should I bid? Which ads performed the best?
  • What marketing medium brings me the best ROI? With what visitor segment?
  • Is my website design driving people away? Which part?

Do you know the answer to the questions above? Should you?

 Google Analytics

The technology once only available to sophisticated enterprises with large budgets is now available from Google – for free.  It’s a powerful program when installed and configured correctly, and when combined with Google Website Optimizer and Google Adwords, it’s in a class of its own.

We offer the following Website Analytics services:



Evaluations: Different sites have different Analytics needs




  • Do you use ecommerce?  Host your own cart or use a 3rd party?
  • Do you have an internal site search?  Is it integrated with your analytics?
  • Do you have different domains/subdomains that you track?
  • Are you properly tagging & tracking email and offline campaigns that drive traffic to your site?
  • Are you tracking your internal/employee traffic separate from your site or are they co-mingled?




Our experience and expertise will allow us to make an honest evaluation of your site and recommend the appropriate analytics software and configuration to ensure that your analytics needs are being addressed.




Installation and Configuration: Getting it Right

Are you making business decisions based on corrupted data?  Industry audits show that 40-60% of Analytics installs are either incomplete or incorrect—including those that were “professionally” installed!  Having no data is bad.  Making decisions based on bad data is even worse.  The insights you’ll gain from solid website analytics are only as good as your data—make sure it’s done right.

Whether you’re an Analytics veteran in need of an audit or you require a from scratch installation, Our Google Authorized Consultants are happy to make sure it’s done right the first time.




Analysis and Strategy: What should I measure?


Successful online marketers know that web analytics is much more than just the install; it is a continual process of analysis and strategy.  As anyone who’s ever done The Test


knows, it’s easy to miss what you’re not looking for.  AMR Media can help you identify the specific, measurable goals of your website and your company, and develop an analytics strategy that makes sure you’re getting the metrics that matter to your bottom line.  Schedule an Analysis and Strategy session with us today.




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