04 Nov

Website Design Ajax: How small businesses in Ajax, Ontario can reach the global market.

Ajax Ontario is a small community between Canada’s largest city, Toronto, and Oshawa headquarters for GM (General Motors) of Canada.  This community typically has feed these two markets and has done very well for itself.  The Town of Ajax has an eclectic collection of business and industry.  Local expertise can succeed in the global market and do so very well.

How can local business in Ajax, Ontario reach global markets?

Many countries around the world look toward Canada and the USA for high quality advanced products and services.  Canada has an advantage in that it is seen more broadly as a friendly country with a highly skilled labour force.  Local businesses must take advantage of this and their own skills to move in to new markets.  Having a well thought out marketing plan that accounts for targeting growth markets (relative to your products) is fundamental to realizing true growth.

AMR Media has helped businesses facing tough hurdles in the Ontario manufacturing sector.  Businesses that have primarily focused on the USA market have had to react quickly and with focus to keep their doors open.

To do this a well thought-out marketing strategy and execution was needed.  As an example AMR Media in conjunction with online services such as Industrial Machinery News (http://www.industrial-machinery-news.com) built a program to attack specific markets with specific products.  This focused approach took advantage of SEM techniques, flexible website design and strong knowledge of international business to business (B2B) sales.  The net outcome was a 300% growth in inbound lead generation and more importantly almost 100% of these leads were pre-qualified.

Today’s business climate demands that we think more strategically and more globally.  Having people that have the knowledge and practical experience of being located in these markets is crucial to the success of your company.  AMR Media has this knowledge and has travelled the world over selling and marketing Canadian products to a global customer base.

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