What to look for in a website development company
03 May

What to look for in a website development company

Shopping for a website design company can be labor intensive and overwhelming.  Narrowing down your selection can be difficult slowing down the process of change.  With an ever increasing number of website development companies where would you start?  I’ve put together a short list of important areas to consider when evaluating and selecting the right website design company for your business.

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Top 5 things to consider when selecting a website design company

  1. First and foremost determine your own needs. Write out our business goals and objectives for your website.  As an example are you looking for more leads, to inform clients, showcase products or services, sell via e-commerce or address something very unique to your industry?  This list of business goals is where the best website design companies will start.  They will ask you for your goals and objectives and together develop a strategy that meets them.
  2. Communication and planning. It’s the job of the design firm to communicate and plan according to your needs.  You’re hiring a company for their expertise and ability to take your vision and mold it in to a powerful website.  Having the ability to hear your requirements and interrupt them correctly is extremely important.  The strength in doing this leads to the correct application the correct technology at the right time.  Having the ability to convey the reasons why and how it will meet your goals is an essential part of the communication and planning phase.
  3. Going beyond web development. Today’s websites are not like the websites of 5 years ago. Understanding the impact of the ever changing online world will take your website from just meeting your needs today to being a foundation for your future growth.  Our service incorporate a wide range of developers and vendors that allow us to meet any challenge.  With over a decade of experience in web and digital technologies we are capable of bringing together a range of services to help your business grow online.
  4. Optimization. Without a doubt this is the newest buzz word out their.  It seems everyone is an SEO expert and has the magical formula.  If only it was that easy!  Search engines are constantly changing and evolving to meet their clients needs, you the searcher.  As a design firm our goal is to stay a breast of these changes understand the impact to our clients and develop strategies to increase their search engine ranking.   Saying you ‘do SEO’ isn’t the same as knowing how to apply SEO strategies.
  5. Use the best sense of all, your gut. Your gut feeling is generally right.  When talking with a website design company keep asking your self those basic questions about the person and the company.  Do their values align with yours?  Do they have fair and valuable answers to your questions or do they seem robotic?  Will they go that extra step to help you understand?  Common sense is highly valuable when accessing a webs site company.

So, if you’re out shopping around for a website design company have a plan and stay open minded.  If you have any specific question feel free to contact us.  We’re always ready to help you grow your business.

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David is a digital marketing expert with over 15 years experience in B2B and B2C marketing. David has developed a proven approach to building strong digital foundations for multi-national companies. He is well versed in website development, social media strategies, content marketing, and search engine optimization.

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