What your web designer should be asking you!
22 Jul

What your web designer should be asking you!

A good web designer will know exactly what they need from you to do the job right.  When talking with them listen to what they ask not just what they say.  It’s easy to talk on and on about a topic you have more knowledge of then those around you.  However, a true expert in any field will ask questions of you to make sure they truly understand your needs.  Be very suspicious of web designers that don’t listen and assume or push there ideas on you.  Just like your business is different then your competitor so should your website.  Small business needs to be heard for them to be successful.  Branding your company online or offline is critical to the success of all your marketing campaigns.  Use your instinct to gage the true value of the web designer and their ability to create your online brand image.  If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy with what they say back off.   Many companies in Oshawa have found great web designers that know how to brand their business.  Toronto businesses also have benefited from the strengths of online branding too. 


So before you go off and spend your valuable savings research first what you need and what they can give you.

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