Why content marketing best practices leads to mediocre results
14 May

Why content marketing best practices leads to mediocre results

Yes I said that out loud. Marketing best practices can be very dangerous when looking at creating content. To me the definition of best practices is being a me to company. You learn what every else is doing and do the same thing man that sounds so beige. Content development is more than best practices it’s about developing your brand voice.

How content creation best practices can start you in the right direction but lead to a dead end

Many small businesses have an advantage when it comes to creating great content. Knowing what the best marketing practices are for a small business is important to developing a starting point. The bigger question comes after you start developing marketing content for your website or social media channels. Does it all stop there? No it doesn’t, in fact it’s only a starting point and with some common sense you can wean yourself off the best practice model and write content your users really want.

Will content marketing practices by Hubspot make you the same as your competition?

Yes, you’ll be doing the same as everyone else out there and then by default become your competition. Hubspot is a great reference for marketing information but don’t follow blindly what they’re saying. Don’t forget Hubspot marketing is a business and needs you to buy from them. When thinking of inbound marketing it’s often easy to start first with search optimization for your website. Although this is the result you want to have happen the starting point needs to clearly be aligned with your business and, product or service and ultimately your customers. Content may be king but customers are queen.

How to develop content marketing strategy for small businesses

Small companies always face resourcing limitations and are at the core to many failures. This presents a very large challenge when you consider the work needed to build content and develop a content framework for your company. So where do you start if you’re a small company with limited resources and most likely no content writer on staff?

Here are some simple ways you can increase your online marketing through easy content development strategies.

  1. Tip 1 – Content hijacking. Stay on top of your market and client needs through social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google alerts etc. When you see something of interest to you it will most likely be of interest to your customers. Take that article and forward it along to them adding your POV making it personal. This can easily be done while having a coffee or waiting on a plane. Take 10 minutes a day to share what’s important.
  2. Tip 2 – Simplify your thoughts. There is so much information and activities going on in every business sector that you can’t possibly be involved in everything. For small business the key to success in social media and content marketing is stay focused. Big the topics that matter most to you and your customers and connect with them on the channels that makes sense.
  3. Tip 3 – What’s the competition doing? Ok I know you shouldn’t follow you should lead. I completely agree but at the same time I realize the restrictions to any company’s resources. Following your competitors not only helps you keep an eye on what they’re saying and doing it can also be a source of industry news. Like you they’ll uncover interesting topics for their customers that you can use as inspiration.

Simple content marketing platforms for mobile and desktop.

  • WordPress blog
  • Tumblr


The key to content promotion and creating content for your business is focus.  Stay focused on what you’re going to talk about and share and stay focused on how you’re going to do that.

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