Why hiring a local photographer for your business may be better than stock photos
15 Apr

Why hiring a local photographer for your business may be better than stock photos

There was a time when stock photos were perfect for small and medium size businesses, but not anymore. Using a local photographer is ideal if you’re wanting to stand out. No longer will you have to sift through hundreds of images to only find they don’t have what you want. Check out your local photographers that specialize in what you’re wanting.

Small business product photographers understand your brand

Let’s say you’re a small boutique shop with unique handcrafted jewelry.   You can’t really go to the stock photos for your product shots and lets face it iPhone photography isn’t helping your business look professional.  So what are you to do?  Well let’s say you’re Toronto search for local product photographers that can either work at your location or in studio.

What to look for when hiring a photographer for your business

There are a few things to consider when hiring a photographer for your business.

Define your needs – What exactly are you looking for from a photographer. A photographer is much more than a person with a camera.  A good photographer brings a creative eye to the project and can capture a picture of your product, service or company that aligns with your brand goals.

What type of images do you need? Today many companies only advertise online.  As part of your hiring process make sure the photographer can provide the correct size images for all your online needs.  Include image sizes for social platforms, banner ads and of course your website.

A photograph of your business or product is an extension of your brand promise.  In today’s digital world often an image is the very first thing a customer sees.  Make sure you have photos that speak loud and clear about your business and hire local.  It makes a difference!



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