Customs brokerage fees and sales regions
13 Apr

Customs brokerage fees and sales regions

Shipping goods across the US Canadian border can be a little tricky.  Knowing all of the Government regulations and documentation requirements can be overwhelming.

Customs brokerage fees for shipping across Canadian / US border

The brokerage rates and fees are based on a number of factors.  Calculating these rates is where a reliable customs broker comes in.  Having the right team on your side will help to reduce over payments and costly delays at the boarder.

Canadian Customs Brokerage

The Canadian brokerage business is split up in to a number of sales regions.  The division is reflective of the shipping and transportation needs within each region.  Many customs brokerage companies offer some type of customs brokerage software to help with the processing of your goods.

Knowing the right company to work with is always important.  Knowing the leader in customs brokerage is the right place to start.

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